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Binance NFT became the largest and fastest-growing centralized NFT marketplace which sells more than a million NFT with 800 collaborations of creators  all over the world!

Binance NFT provides a friendly user platform for anyone who is in hunt to sell their Non-Fungible-Tokens.

3 reasons why traders and collectors prefer Binance NFT

1. Has Lowest Fees

Binance only charges one percent on all NFT sellers and creators unlike other  marketplaces that charges almost 7 to 7.5 percent. Aside from this , sellers will only need to pay one percent royalty fee to the creator. This attracts sellers and creators .

2. Leading Liquidity and Volume 

The term volume in NFT refers to the total quantity of NFT traded during a given time. On the other hand  , liquidity means the speed with which an NFT asset can be sold or bought. Binance’s creators and sellers can do fast and easy transactions because of the high volume and liquidity .

3. Easy Deposits

Recent feature update of the Binance enables the collectors to quickly deposit as well as sell NFT. But hold up for this has requirements that you should take note. This only accepts  NFT  contract address that is fully integrated with its marketplace.

Here’s the tutorial from on how to deposit NFT’s on Binance NFT:

  1. Go to user center 
  2. Select network
  3. Select metamask and sign in 
  4. Go to user centre in the binance NFT marketplace then click deposit
  5. Next is paste your asset’s NFT contract address and click confirm.
  • Do not enter the address manually
  1. After verifying , you will see your collection of NFT. Choose the one you want to deposit and click confirm deposit.
  2. Set the deposit gas fee and click confirm 
  3. Finally, once it is already  confirmed, users can find and list their NFT’s for sale.

 4. Fast Cash Out 

Users are provided with quick , easy and secure way to cash out with no extra steps.

5.  Access on the spot 

Your Binance NFT marketplace is  automatically  linked to your user account as well as your wallet on the Binance mobile app. Yep Binance has an application which you can install on your mobile and it’s much easier than going to website. 

6. Top performing NFT

Binance NFT is one of the best when it comes to performing collections, NFT’s itself and artists. Artist are more exposed ,collectors on the other hand can effortlessly find  new and famous pieces to grow their collections.

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